Articles published in the last 30 days

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Title Contributor Date Section
Anonymous: Kojiki Roy Anthony Starrs, University of Otago 17-04-2014 works
Marlowe, Christopher: Dedicatory Epistle to Mary Sidney Herbert Meadhbh O'Halloran, University College Cork 17-04-2014 works
Howard, Luke Robert Clark, University of East Anglia 13-04-2014 people
Said, Edward : Culture and Imperialism Matthew Whittle, University of Manchester 13-04-2014 works
Marlowe, Christopher: On The Death of Sir Roger Manwood Meadhbh O'Halloran, University College Cork 04-04-2014 works
Wilson, John Dover: What Happens in Hamlet Rebekah Owens, Independent Scholar 04-04-2014 works
Stubbes, Philip: The Theater of the Popes Monarchie Devori Kimbro, Arizona State University 02-04-2014 works
Artsybashev, Mikhail Otto Boele, University of Leiden, Netherlands 01-04-2014 people
Seneca, Lucius Annaeus: De Otio Robert Wagoner, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh 01-04-2014 works
Dharker, Imtiaz Abin Chakraborty, Budge Budge Institute of Technology 31-03-2014 people
Foxe, John: Actes and Monuments Devori Kimbro, Arizona State University 31-03-2014 works
Slutskii, Boris Robert Chandler, Queen Mary College, London University 29-03-2014 people
Wilson, Colin: The Quest for Wilhelm Reich Colin Stanley, formerly of University of Nottingham 26-03-2014 works
Machado, Antonio Patrick Early, formerly of the British Council 24-03-2014 people
Gary, Romain: La Vie devant soi Vina Tirven-Gadum, Athabasca University 22-03-2014 works
Heaney, Seamus: District and Circle Rachel Falconer, University of Lausanne 22-03-2014 works
Greg, Walter Wilson Rebekah Owens, Independent Scholar 20-03-2014 people
Lee, Sidney Rebekah Owens, Independent Scholar 20-03-2014 people
Patten, Brian Helen Taylor, Royal Holloway, University of London 20-03-2014 people
Wilson, John Dover Rebekah Owens, Independent Scholar 19-03-2014 people